Eleonore Breukel is the author of over 100 articles for various business magazines, newspapers and the virtual media.

She co-authored a book on how to do business in 19 countries across the world.

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The Cultural Detective

The Cultural Detective™ is a dynamic, situation-based series of 35 culture-specific training tools that allow participants to develop intercultural competence in themselves and the organization. Participants practice a shared vocabulary and methodology for understanding and bridging differences in the organization, and realize that bridging differences must be two-way and involve systemic as well as individual approaches.

The Cultural Detective™ content has been developed by the world's leading cultural specialists. It has been used by major corporations in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and South America with resounding success. Eleonore Breukel developed the Cultural Detective™: Netherlands together with her co-author George Simons.


Anyone who works with people from other cultures, either in-person or virtually, will find Cultural Detective™ a valuable learning tool. An individual, a team, or any learning group may use it.
Participants learn: That how we behave is motivated by values, beliefs, and "cultural sense" which is often outside our conscious awareness;
The core motivations of people in another culture and immediately practice how to apply them in real-life scenarios;
Both the commonalties within a culture as well as the diversity of its people and approaches;
Which values tend to take precedence under what circumstances?
That behavior in any culture is situational not stereotypical;
Best practices for bridging cultures effectively.