About us

Intercultural Communication bv has specialized in improving the interactions of its clients in global settings since it was founded in 1994. With a global team of trainers and partnerships with cultural experts located in 60 countries we continue to meet those needs. We are based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands with offices in Brussels, Freiburg, Pune (India) and Sao Paulo (Brazil).

Our mission
It is our mission to assist organizations and their people to develop cultural intelligence and enhance professional effectiveness in working across borders.

Our style

  • Highly interactive
  • We ensure that training sessions are engaging and dynamic with ample opportunity for participants to actively explore the issues at hand.
  • Hands on
  • Topics have immediate relevance to the daily practice of the participant to ensure they develop the tools they need for on-the-job implementation.
  • Tailored to specific learning styles and communication styles
  • We recognize that clients from around the world will vary widely in their preferred styles of learning and communication. We ensure that all training matches these styles for maximum impact.

We designed and delivered intercultural programs for:

ABN AMRO, Fortis, ING, Rabo Bank, AON, Equens, Deloitte Accountants, the Bosch Group, Shell, Wärtsila, Corus-Tata Steel, Vander Landen Industries, AE Rotor Techniek, Suzlon, Tata Consultancy Services, EmmayHR-Randstad India, Unilever, Heinz, Van Melle, Capgemini, Chiron, Symantec, SAP, Oracle India, Centocor, Johnson & Johnson, Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Dishman USA, Organon, Janssen Biologics, RubberNetwork, Yves Rocher, Expatica.
Governments and NGOs: Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dutch Ministry of Defense, Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Internal Affairs, CBI, Agentschap.NL, FOM, the National Ombudsman, ECN Energy Center Netherlands.
Higher Education: University Nyenrode, Erasmus University, University of Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, University Maastricht, Institute of Asian Business Management Rotterdam, Hoge Economische School Amsterdam, InHolland Business School.
Training Institutes: ILC-Language Center, Boertien Training.
Corporate Academy’s: Apple Academy Europe, Capgemini Academy, Van DerLanden Academy.