The Global Alliance

Our Global Mindset and Local Knowledge make it possible for you to have; effective global teams, to start your business in emerging markets,     to roll out your new systems worldwide, to negotiate across borders, to make international assignments successful.

Our Partners

We combine expertise and experience with organizations from a variety of industries and disciplines to ensure that our clients get the latest developments and global challenges in their fileds.

GTA: Global Training Alliance

Our members are:

  • Intercultural Communication bv - Amsterdam –     The Netherlands
  • Multicultural -  Sao Paulo - Brazil
  • Aadhini Learning Solutions - Pune - India
  • China Consultancy - Amsterdam-Shanghai – China
  • Global Competence - Freiburg - Germany
  • Bert Vercamer - Johannesburg - South Africa and in Brussels - Belgium

Together we:
Work in 155 countries
Speak 23 languages
Train in 45 different management topics
Have intercultural expertise on 150 countries
Design and deliver training for over 950 organizations across the world
Work for the Corporate World, Governments, NGO's and the Educational Sector
Lecture at 10 universities
Have over a hundred years of experience


Consultant, software services and outsourcing. Assisting, coaching and training offshore/nearshore IT service providers to be successful on the international market.