Green economy

At this moment we are in the process of developing programs on cultural change towards a green economy and sustainable deveopment.

Event - The EPWN Green Economy Initiative
European Professional Women's Network - Event 

Our Business is Green Business!

In our first EPWN Green Economy Initiative workshop we will introduce our

EPWN Green Economy Initiative mission. To envision our mission we invited

the influential speaker Mrs. Angelica Ortiz de Haas, Manager of Sustainability Development at FMO, the Dutch Development Bank to share with us her vast experience.

She will present ‘Strategies for sustainable business’. FMO believes that long-term profit and viability must go hand in hand with enduring economic and social impact.  

FMO invests with the motive that ESG – sustainable environmental, social and governance business practices – are the solution in a world facing a surging population and increased consumption, and teams up with clients and partners willing to share this vision. In a case study Mrs. Ortiz de Haas  will demonstrating how improvements to sustainability performance and financial returns go hand-in-hand. Businesses incorporating sustainable environmental, social and governance best practices enjoy stronger financial results and long-term viability.

After the Q and A session EPWN GEI invites you to share how you and your business actively contribute to the green economy.

Join us to share and stimulate great ideas for small and big changes to ‘green’ your organisation and keep both your business and our planet healthy.

Get ahead of the game by ‘greening’ your business to become more competitive in both the short and long-term.


Your EPWN Green Economy Initiative Team

Eleonore Breukel, Laure Wessemius Chibrac and Natasha Gunn.

We are working on new Green Economy programs. If you would like to stay updated on our Green Economy programs, please fill in the form below and we will contact you.
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