Successful collaboration with clients and colleagues in many countries and regions including India, China, France, The Netherlands, USA, Europe…

Succesful collaboration with clients and colleagues in a specific country or region such as India, China, France, Belgium, USA, Germany, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Caribbean etc.

Your organization is expanding and opened a new office in a specific country. Your experience is that doing business in that country or region requires specific skills.

Your objectives for a training are:

  • Gain insight into that particular country or region
  • Understand the local business values
  • Understand the local perception of effective collaboration
  • Acquire skills to recognize and adapt to the local communication style
  • Gain knowledge of how to motivate the local client or colleague
  • Develop skills to manage expectations and bridge cultural differences

Who will benefit:
  • People from your organization working with clients and colleagues in that region

Duration: one or two days depending on the needs of the client