Relocation training

You’ve just been assigned to a new three-year project in Paris, Washington or Shanghai. You need to be effective at work from day one. What do you need to know about the country and the way they do business to manage your project?

  • Know the most important cultural aspects of living and working in the country where you’ll be posted
  • Understand the political and social economic background of the country
  • Gain skills to handle local management approaches, decision making processes and leadership styles
  • Develop strategies for effective communication and collaboration at work
  • Gain insights into how to build a local network
  • Identify the components of successful intercultural adjustment and learn skills to adapt to the local situation.
  • Develop skills to deal with change in your professional and personal life.

Who will benefit: People assigned to work and live in a foreign country, their partners and their children.

Duration: the training is two or three days depending on the type of assignment of the client and the place of relocation