Work and communicate effectively in the global business place

Your multicultural virtual team serves clients in 20 countries. People working on your project are from various cultural backgrounds based in seven locations across the globe.

What are the challenges, the opportunities and the dynamics in your global work?

The assumptions you make when working across borders influences your behavior. Intercultural skills help you to build bridges across cultures so that you and your colleagues can work and communicate effectively.


Develop a global mindset
Deal with a variety of cultural values and their impact on the workplace
Learn to master management and leadership styles, decision making processes, effective meetings and the various concepts of teams in different regions and countries
Gain the skill to recognize and adapt to culturally determined communication styles
Learn how to motivate your client or colleague
Gain the skills to build bridges from multiple perspectives

Intercultural Competencies

Intercultural sensitivity. International orientation. Intercultural communication. Building commitment and managing uncertainty in unfamiliar circumstances

Who will benefit

International virtual team members, project leaders, managers and other professionals working in an international environment

Duration: One to two days depending on the needs of the client