Effective international presentations during meetings

NEW! Inspire your audience and persuade with power

Next week you fly to Berlin, Paris and Mumbai to present your new project to internal and external clients. How do you capture your audience in a four-minute presentation? How do you motivate your multicultural clients and colleagues to adopt your ideas and accept your project?

Adapting your presentation style to the local way of presenting is key to your success

Your objectives

  • Acquire skills to express yourself clearly and confidently in a persuasive way to people of various nationalities
  • Know how to structure your presentation
  • Create strong openings and conclusions
  • Empower your presentation by using your body, your facial expressions and vocal variety
  • Eliminate the “ummms” and “uhhhs” from your speech
Who will benefit
  • Professionals and business people presenting to international clients and colleagues in meetings and to larger international audiences
Duration: one, two or three days depending on the level of the participants

Contact us: intercultural@intercultural.nl