IT People and Business skills for virtual interactions and global challenges

Do you steer IT internationally? Add value to your technical background and master IT People and IT Business skills to achieve the best outcome of your virtual interactions and business challenges. As the economy tightens global organizations increasingly depend on IT. Working in IT is dynamic, communication is instant and change is constant. IT moves the business forward; it enables efficiency, expansion and innovation. 

In our training participants:

  • Become aware of how IT service providers in the emerging markets experience the work relationship with their client  or colleagues in western countries
  • Understand their challenges and act accordingly
  • Acquire skills for service provider relationship enhancement
  • Will analyze risks and acquire tools to manage the key issues
  • Learn to use the dynamics of diversity to move the business forward 
  • Gain the ability to create trust in the IT virtual workplace
  • Will understand their role in the organization and how to influence others
  • Become competent in intercultural verbal and written communication
  • Learn to show their knowledge and share skills to improve busine
  • Acquire skills to present themselves and their work at meetings and IT Fairs.

Duration: two days

This program is designed for: IT professionals, Outsourcers, HR professionals, Business Consultants and Educators

In this training the best international IT experts and Intercultural business consultants combine their experience and knowledge. Participants will work with challenges in their daily context and the latest developments in the international field.