Lead with Cosmopolitan Outlook and Global Mindset in the BICS. Brazil, India, China, and South Africa

The two-day program helps you:

- Understand the impact of a global mindset
- Develop a cosmopolitan outlook
- Apply various leadership styles
 Improve intercultural communication skills 
- Maintain a bird’s eye view when working across continents 
- Solve local problems in the BICS within your global strategic frame
- Understand the BICS in regard to leadership, production, sales and customer service within the framework of socio-economic, political and historical environment

Who benefits: Managers and professional working in a global setting, entrepreneurs, marketeers, ICT and HR proferssionals, and educators.

We deliver a hybrid program combining face-to-face training with virtual sessions. Our intercultural trainers are from the Netherlands, Brazil, India, China, South Africa and Germany.

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