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Behind the Smile of the Sri Lankan – Achter de glimlach van de Sri Lankaan

Achter de glimlach van de Sri Lankaan is still to be translated into English. Below the translated text of the back cover of the book. Whatever is so magical about the apparent paradise-like Sri Lanka? What is behind that generous smile? Sri Lankans talk about their lives, about the clashing cultures of Buddhist Sinhalese, Hindu…
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15/01/2020 0

Successful meetings in Europe

Breukel,E. Meetings that matter in Europe, CBI News 2006 May/June.* Adapted in 2018 Successful meetings in Europe for global business travelers While closing the door of the H&B meeting room in Frankfurt, Maria Sanchez from Colombia realizes she had insufficient time to discuss the issues that matter to her. More importantly, she forgot to ask when…
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