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Behind the Smile of the Sri Lankan – Achter de glimlach van de Sri Lankaan

Achter de glimlach van de Sri Lankaan is still to be translated into English. Below the translated text of the back cover of the book. Whatever is so magical about the apparent paradise-like Sri Lanka? What is behind that generous smile? Sri Lankans talk about their lives, about the clashing cultures of Buddhist Sinhalese, Hindu…
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15/01/2020 0

International negotiations

A framework for successful cross-cultural business negotiations and a win-win outcome. ©Eleonore Breukel Negotiating is a process in which two or more people discuss common and conflicting interests to reach an agreement of mutual benefit. Using a framework can help you take appropriate actions before and during negotiations and to anticipate your counterpart’s approach.…
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05/08/2018 0

The Indian Mindset

Rajesh Kumar Associate Professor of International Business Strategy University of Nottingham Email: Mindsets play an important role in how members of a social group perceive a situation, respond to it, and manage their interaction with group members and those outside of their immediate circle. The members of a cultural group are often not consciously…
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