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International negotiations

A framework for successful cross-cultural business negotiations and a win-win outcome. ©Eleonore Breukel   www.intercultural.nl Negotiating is a process in which two or more people discuss common and conflicting interests to reach an agreement of mutual benefit. Using a framework can help you take appropriate actions before and during negotiations and to anticipate your counterpart’s approach.…
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Inspire your international audience in a four minutes presentation

Inspire your audience in a four minute presentation © Eleonore Breukel  www.intercultural.nl Can you get undivided attention when giving a presentation? Can you motivate your clients and colleagues to take the necessary action? Can you adapt your presentation style to the cultural background of your audience? Yes, you can! Many of us are forced to…
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02/08/2018 1

Overcome language barriers in global business

by Eleonore Breukel – www.intercultural.nl Misunderstandings, irritations, feelings of exclusion and a sense of inferiority, are daily challenges for non-native English speakers trying to communicate in the language of global business in other words the global language. What exactly happens and how can global organizations help employees become more effective in this intercultural language and…
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