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Successful meetings in Europe

Breukel,E. Meetings that matter in Europe, CBI News 2006 May/June.* Adapted in 2018 Successful meetings in Europe for global business travelers While closing the door of the H&B meeting room in Frankfurt, Maria Sanchez from Colombia realizes she had insufficient time to discuss the issues that matter to her. More importantly, she forgot to ask when…
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Wereldwijd Zakendoen

Breukel,E; van Eijk,I (1999) Wereldwijd Zakendoen. Amsterdam, Nederland. Publisher Contact ‘Doing Business around the World’ (Wereldwijd Zakendoen) gives a good insight into the differences in doing business in 19 countries. Eleonore Breukel and Inez van Eijk explain how and why business values differ from country to country and how to be successful in working abroad. Communicating,…
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International negotiations

A framework for successful cross-cultural business negotiations and a win-win outcome. ©Eleonore Breukel Negotiating is a process in which two or more people discuss common and conflicting interests to reach an agreement of mutual benefit. Using a framework can help you take appropriate actions before and during negotiations and to anticipate your counterpart’s approach.…
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German culture and etiquette

What to expect when doing business in Germany © Eleonore Breukel – How we look upon and judge the lifestyle and workplace of other cultures depends on how we view the world from our own cultural background. German Society The Federal Republic of Germany, die Bundesrepublik Deutschland, consists of 16 States or Bundesländer with…
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Inspire your international audience in a four minutes presentation

Inspire your audience in a four minute presentation © Eleonore Breukel Can you get undivided attention when giving a presentation? Can you motivate your clients and colleagues to take the necessary action? Can you adapt your presentation style to the cultural background of your audience? Yes, you can! Many of us are forced to…
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02/08/2018 4

Strengths and Weaknesses of multicultural relationships

© Eleonore Breukel  Why do people of different nationalities easily fall in love and become a happy couple when living in a foreign host country?  What happens when one of them decides to take a job in his or her home-country? Moving around the globe and meeting new people often results in multicultural relationships.…
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What does Service Minded mean in various cultures?

Eastern, Western and Southern interpretations © Ito Gruet and Eleonore Breukel The concept of “service-minded” differs between eastern and western cultures. But even within cultures in the East and West, there are differences in the way people of different countries view the idea of service. A lack of appreciation for these differences across cultures…
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Overcome language barriers in global business

by Eleonore Breukel – Misunderstandings, irritations, feelings of exclusion and a sense of inferiority, are daily challenges for non-native English speakers trying to communicate in the language of global business in other words the global language. What exactly happens and how can global organizations help employees become more effective in this intercultural language and…
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Communicating across Borders Part II: Southern Europe

Nobody speaks European © Eleonore Breukel  – Juliano, an Italian blue jeans manufacturer enters the trade fair in the International Fashion center in Barcelona together with Klaus, his German distributor for Northwest Europe. Juliano comments, “What a wonderful show, full of bright colors, loud music and lively conversations between the stand holders and their…
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French business culture and etiquette

An insight into French business culture and etiquette © Eleonore Breukel How we look upon and judge the lifestyle and workplace of other cultures depends on how we view the world from our own cultural background. France. A world power The French Republic has a population of 65 million. The French language, the French culture,…
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